It is the absence that makes visible wat is present (tao philosophy)

“The desire to make something arises from the tension between the conscious and the unconscious, the speakable and the unspeakable. (…) Out of the recovered balance between two poles something new can grow.”
Joke J. Hermsen

Often, forms of growth in nature are the starting point for my free work.
In my objects (as wel bowls as wall pieces), I create a structure that reveals the image and its shadow on the wall or on the underlying surface, as two equal principles.
Through this idea, as well as through the balance between the massive and openworked parts, I try to emphasize the onderlying connectio
n between two opposite concepts.
Emptiness and fullness,
light and dark, me and the other, to be and not-being, the known and the unknown, body and soul, past and future, space and limit, order and chaos, growth and decay, fragmentation and connetion,… are in this regard themes that speak to me.

In the survey that feeds my work, a metaphor for life is hidden:
a contiunuous search for the balance between two opposite poles.