Presentation DIVA, FoMu and MoMu, Den Haag

 From 22 April till end December 2017, the ambassador residence of Chris Hoornaert in Den Haag is the location for an exhibition to present the Museum Foundation (DIVA, MoMu and FoMu). 
Helena was invited by DIVA (fusion of the former Diamond- and Silver museum Antwerp) to take part in this event. She will present silver and steel work.

Vena_Fred Weegenaar

Art route Kortemark: OO-kunst

Dates: 25, 27, 28 May and 3, 4, 5 June 2017, 10am – 7pm
Helena will show jewelry, objects and wall pieces.

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Volledig (detail) _Helena Schepens

Jewelery project in collaboration with the Botanical Garden Meise

The endless beauty of growth forms in nature is the main theme in Helena’s work.
During her visits at the Botanical Garden in Meise this past year, she discovered the seed bank and the garden itself and gathered seeds, seed pods and buds that she incorporated into a series of cast silver jewels. From 15 December 2015 on, they will be sold in the shop of the Gotanical Garden Meise.
You might find here a unique handmade gift, such as these earrings created from Hamamelis buds.


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